President-Elect Obama, I am very impressed already!

Months ago, I said that whomever won the Presidential race should keep Secretary Robert Gates as the Pentagon chief. This very morning President-Elect Barack Obama has announced that Secretary Gates will be asked to stay at the Pentagon.

A simply brilliant move! Brilliant beyond brilliant, in my opinion.

After the six-year disaster of Donald Rumsfeld, I would have been happy with just about anyone. I have been absolutely thrilled with Bob Gates--who has had a royal mess to clean up once he was confirmed.

Senator Hillary Clinton's nomination as the next Secretary of State will guarantee that a well-known face is on the world stage, and that world leaders will have a "tough woman" and a courageous woman representing these United States. While I have disagreed with many of her policies, I have always been impressed with Mrs Clinton's intelligence and abilities.

Another brilliant choice in a key position.

Retired General James Jones, a former Commander in Chief of the NATO Supreme Allied Command is being named as the White House National Security Advisor. His family has served this nation in the military uniform since the late 1930s. He has a long heritage of serving this nation. He is a retired Marine, and will be a terrific national security advisor.

So, yes, I am very impressed with the national security choices of our incoming President.

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