One more small detail....

and I will be cleared to give a kidney to my precious friend, Dr Bill George. I found out today that my 24 Hour Urine/Creatinine Clearance test was perfectly normal...Praise the Lord....I have, personally, botched the last three of those myself---I simply overhydrated. This time I followed the "letter of the law" to the nth degree. It came out as it should.

I take my last round of shots tomorrow morning, early...very early. My doctor will send a professional statement/opinion to the Surgical Team at University of Alabama Renal Transplant Center before 3 p.m. and we should have a final decision sometime on Thursday morning.

I am getting more excited about this now. I am convinced that I heard from God back in early April...even though this entire process has been frustrating to no end. If you want hear the testimony of how God spoke to me, follow this link:

Scroll down to June 10th, and listen to my conversation with Chris Fabry for the first 10-12 minutes of the broadcast. (That very afternoon I flew to Birmingham, and underwent RIGOROUS medical procedures the next day to determine my suitability to be a kidney donor).

Now, we are seeing the "all clear sign"---almost....please continue praying over this situation. I want to make sure that I'm doing exactly what I need to be doing to be obedient.

This has been a real learning experience...and a great education for me. It has been a learning experience in that I've had to rely on the wisdom that comes only from God....and to follow His leading....however imperfect my following has been.

I am getting excited again.

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Tom Bryant said...

Praying for you, Phil, as well as for Dr. George.