Whatever happened to:

1) Professional courtesy? When you call an office, or a place of business, you should ALWAYS identify yourself. NO ONE should ever have to ask your name before you start into your "35 questions". If you aren't willing to "identify" yourself...then don't use the telephone. It's that simple.

2) Being Punctual? Your appointment is for 10 a.m. You show up at 10:15, with no real reason for doing so. You have a cell phone, but you didn't bother calling to inform the person WAITING FOR YOU that they must wait a little while longer. The "10:20" appointment has just shown up, and so did you. Should the "10:20" appointment wait because you were late? Not in my office. You were late....I'll get to you as soon as I can.

3) Using decent English? "Naw" and "Yeah" are not acceptable in my office. "No" and "Yes" are perfectly acceptable and expected. I keep reminding students, who come in my office, that we are professionals, and that we will comport ourselves as professionals. "Gnaw" is what a rat does...and I don't keep cheese in my work space.

4) Turning your iPod down? If I wanted to hear your music, I'd let you know. There are reasons these gadgets have headphones, and you plug them in YOUR ears. Not mine. I don't want to hear your music....so turn it down. And do it now!

5) Keeping your eyes and attention on the road? I was absolutely horrified to see some young female riding her bicycle down one of Chicago's busiest streets, with no helmet, had an iPod plugged in her skull, and then talking on a telephone as well...ON A BICYCLE, no less.
Where were the Chicago Police when this was happening? This person should have been arrested...yes, ARRESTED, for reckless endangerment.

more later.

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Bill (cycleguy) said...

Good post Phil. As a pastor I am appalled at the lack of courtesy shown by people and pastors alike. I still say "yes sir" and "yes mam" and people look at me like I am nuts. And that biker! She needs to be arrested, fined and/or kicked of the bike. I cringe ANYTIME I see a cyclist with earbuds or anything else resembling limited hearing. Then again, I am considered old.