Rosie O'Donnell...just be quiet, please!


I must confess that I loved your show some 13-14 years ago. I thought you were funny, informative, and very entertaining.

I even defended your right to publicly proclaim your status as a "lesbian" in an interview with Diane Sawyer some four years ago on a Primetime Special. I do not agree with your "stance", but I defended your right to be an adoptive parent, and to provide the safety and security for children whom you have chosen to give a home.

But you have obviously crossed the line over the last year or two.

You have singlehandedly managed to offend every military person in this country--active duty and veteran. You are entitled to your opinions concerning policies coming out of Washington, just like every good American is entitled to theirs.

You are not entitled to insult people of faith with whom you disagree. Those same people are not entitled to insult you either. They may vehemently disagree with you. And most of us do.

But please, be quiet for a while. Take a long vacation.

A very long one.

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Darrell said...

Come on Phil, why don't you really tell us how you feel. lol