When it doesn't make "sense"

Like the rest of this nation--and indeed a large part of the world--I was horrified by the needless slaughter of 32 people at Virginia Polytechnical University in Blacksburg, VA yesterday.

The gunman, a young 23-year old Senior, killed 32 people before ending his own life. How terribly tragic!

Even now as I am watching the "Convocation" on television, I am profoundly saddened by what has happened almost a thousand miles from me here in the Windy City.

Last night, Charlie Gibson (anchor of World News Tonight) just about brought me to tears. He always ends his "half hour" with the words: "I hope you've had a good day." But last night he couldn't end his broadcast that way. He simply said, "I wish it had been a good day, but it wasn't.." He seemed to choke up, and so did I.

The Governor of Virginia flew back from a trade mission in Japan just to be with "his people" in Virginia. In the broadcast a few minutes ago, he practically preached a gospel message in the midst of all this unspeakable sorrow. He reminded the gathered students, faculty and friends--along with the rest of the world--that the pain felt in this community and in this nation, reminds us of the pain of God's Son who cried from a lonely hill, "My God, My God why have You forsaken Me?"

What a powerful, powerful reminder.

Let's keep this nation in prayer. We desperately need it.

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