He's Getting MARRIED...

I tried posting this one earlier, but for some reason it didn't take...

My good---great friend AARON KUGLIN is getting married!

I knew that something was up last week when he told me he was "seriously seeing someone..." and I kindly asked him to "keep me informed."

Monday morning, bright and early, I get a telephone call from Decatur, GA and the cheery voice said, "She's wearing a ring on her finger..."

I'm so happy for Aaron and Kristy, even though I've never met Kristy.

Aaron and I have been pals for almost seven years...and he is one of the sources of great joy in my life...He is a graduate of the Moody Bible Institute, and has been one of my very closest friends for a long time now.

I could say so much about him...but I won't...

At least not right now.

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