Send them back! Do it now!

All of the "undocumented" (read ILLEGAL) folks in this country have decided that it is time to "march again for our rights..." As a matter of facts, they are doing it even as I am writing this post.

My first question is this:

If you are here "undocumented" then what "rights" do you suppose you have? You are breaking the laws of this free nation--and you have the gall to think you have "rights"?

The government of the United States of America needs to grow a spine and do something about the "undocumented" "illegals" in this country. And do it haste!

As a taxpaying, law-abiding, citizen of this great land, I'm devoid of any patience where this issue is concerned. The rest of the taxpaying, law-abiding, citizenry (and documented immigrants) in this country have been "robbed" long enough.

Personally, I want every person who insists on not becoming part of this nation (and have come here illegally) to go back to wherever they have come from. We do not want you here--particularly so if you insist on breaking the laws of this land.

We want you to:

1) Come here legally. Wait your turn, and do it legally.

2) Learn to speak ENGLISH...not Spanglish, Polish, or Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics....ENGLISH....

3) Become a citizen of this nation. Start today...regardless of the cost. Either become an American, or find another nation in which to live.

4) Insist and demand that your children and family learn to speak English.

And for the legislators:

1) Grow a spine, for heaven's sake!

2) Enforce the laws of this land.

3) Refuse amnesty, guest worker programs, and anything else that will encourage people to break the laws of this land, and violate us as they have been doing for years.

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