There's always next year...CUBS' fans!

I'm a rather new convert to being a Chicago Cubs baseball fan...well, about 6.5 years ago at least...

I never was an Atlanta Braves fan, or a Baltimore Orioles fan (Don Bowdle, I know you are shocked to read those words..LOL). But, since I lived about 1 mile from Wrigley Field for almost four years, I did finally "see the light."

And it's always an on-coming train--or so it seems.

Like my friend Joe Misek says ( "300 Million dollars can't buy what it used to buy..."

The Tribune Company (owners of the Chicago Cubs) spent a boat-load of cash this year to buy some decent "players" for their 100-year losing team...with some years, better than others.

And all these men, hmmmm...males...can do is fight. Friday is a prime example.

Two of the players were resigned to the fact they couldn't beat the Atlanta Brave (my Grandmother Fields FAVORITE baseball team, incidentally), so they decided to start pounding each other.

In the dugout...and later in the lockeroom....

What were these "boys" thinking? Did their testosterone levels hit an all-time high, or something?

And then the manager...Mr Lou himself--became the "Drama queen" of Wrigleyville on Saturday...what was HE thinking?

Now, when does this season end?

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