Absolutely Amazing!


The world-renown National Christian Choir (from the nation's capitol) was in concert here in Chicago this past weekend! All I can say is "WOW..."

I first remember hearing the "choir" when I was stationed in South Korea, and would hear some wonderful christian music occasionally on the Armed Forces Network. I remember hearing them sing one of the great hymns of our faith, "Saviour, Like a Shepherd Lead Us..." Even though that was more than 17 years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday.

And then, several years later, I was stationed with the United States Air Force in west Texas, and was scheduled for major surgery. I happened to be listening to the Christian station there in Lubbock very early one morning, and this wonderful choir once again ministered the love and grace of Christ to me during my time of need.

How thrilled I was to learn (a few months ago, actually) that Senior Pastor Erwin Lutzer of The Moody Church (www.moodychurch.org) had invited the National Christian Choir to come be with us here in Chicago for the weekend.

In conjunction with WMBI-FM, the flagship station of the Moody Broadcasting Network, the Choir did a marvelous concert of their music on Saturday evening to a full sanctuary at The Moody Church. This was the world premier of the choir's new recording, "People Need The Lord."

What was even more special was the Choir led us in worshipping our great God yesterday in the morning worship gathering. Once again, this ensemble of some 138 voices helped us court the presence of Christ as we gathered in His name.

One very special thing also for me, the pianist Mrs Kathy Bowman--who has been their only pianist for the last 23 years--once taught at my alma mater, Lee University (www.leeuniversity.edu). It was such a joy to meet her and to reminisce about all the wonderful people that we both have known over the years.

Visit all of the websites here, and particularly the one for the National Christian Choir! You will be glad you did.

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