The "OPRAH" factor for Senator Obama...

The reigning Queen of Talk Shows...Oprah Winfrey...has unabashedly thrown her entire reputation and support behind the political campaign of the junior senator from Illinois, Barack Obama.

Miss Winfrey, as a law-abiding American, has every right to support whomever she wants to support for whatever political office someone wants to pursue. This time, OPRAH has decided that Barack Obama--a good man, with a beautiful wife and lovely daughters--should be president of the United States, come January 2009.

I personally disagree with Oprah on this one.

She has always seem to be one of the "voices of reason" concerning most issues in contemporary society. On many occasions, I have found myself agreeing with her. I have deeply appreciated her philanthropic efforts around the world. I have admired the fact that she is a hard-working, tremendously gifted, and gracious woman.

I even admire the fact that she has decided to get involved in the political process.

What bugs me though is the fact that she has now alienated millions of her viewers who have decided, deep in their heart of hearts, that Senator Obama is not ready for the Oval Office.

At least not yet.


Tony Myles said...

One day the Oprah will run for office, and on that day the Oprah will win.

Gretchen said...

Oh yes, Oprah would win.
Gretchen Lavender