So what about your level of "commitment"?

I recently read a post on a forum where the pastor was all upset and out of sorts because his congregational members could only commit small amounts of time to local church activities each week.

I've been actively involved in the ministry of every local church where I've been a regular parishioner since I was a small child. But there are times when I have to say "no."

I don't like saying "no"--but I do have to work a full-time job. I also have to run my own household, and when something needs to get done "in my life" it's my turn.

So...what do you think? Are the expectations of "leaders" in church just waaaay too much, or are we "parishioners" just not involved enough?

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Kathi said...

A ways back I became involved with a small church where the status quo was "the Pastor does everything" -- he mowed the lawn, kept the books, cleaned the toilets... everything.

He was understandably frustrated; and when my hubby and I got involved doing as much as we could so the poor guy could get a break, we became frustrated by the fact that 99% of the time, it was just us and the pastor doing all the work. Very unhealthy and the church closed its doors, rather than change.

I think it depends on the congregation (and on the leader) ... it's not a matter of "Thou shalt work 40 hours a week at thy job, and another 50 for the church" ... so much as it is, if everyone pitched in, the work would be done.