When the "front runners" aren't in front...What's up with that?

I watched the "Republican Debate" on PBS last night, hosted by Tavis Smiley. It was good, it was engaging, and it was informative.

The only problem: The four Republican "front-runners" didn't come to the show, for whatever reasons.

I can't believe, not for one New York second, that Senator John McCain, Former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani, Former Governor Mitt Romney, and Former Senator Fred Thompson all had "scheduling conflicts" and couldn't appear at this historically black college (Morgan State) in the Baltimore area for a 90-minute debate.

This debate was one of the better ones that I've watched, save for the pontificating of perennial candidate Alan Keyes, Former Ambassador to the United Nations.

Why would McCain, Giuliani, Romney, and Thompson all "diss" the majority Black audience? This was their chance to show an otherwise "skeptical" group why they should be President.

You can't "show" if you don't "go."

Each of these candidates, in my opinion, have forfeited the opportunity to win the nomination of the GOP, and no American voter should even consider casting a vote for them.

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