Healthcare...why it matters...

For all the many "issues" facing this country, I do believe the most important "internal" issue is healthcare, and how it affects every person living here in the United States.

I was watching a special on PBS last night that featured five of the Democratic hopefuls for the nomination. The main topic of discussion was Healthcare...and what it means to America.

Senators Joe Biden, Chris Dodd, Hillary Clinton, former Senator John Edwards, and Governor Bill Richardson were the guest panelists in this 90-minute forum hosted by PBS' Judy Woodruff.

I'm glad that "healthcare" is once again taking a prominent place in the "national conversation."

While I was going to seminary, I worked in a local hospital on two different occasions. I witnessed, firsthand, just what healthcare and access to such care means in our society.

The fact that we have almost 50 million people in this country--the richest on earth and in the history of humaity--is almost unthinkable...and definitely unconscionable.

Do any of the aforementioned politicians have all the answers? Of course not.

Is insuring 50 million people in this country an "easy" accomplishment? Of course not.

But we need to do something...and I'm glad that the Democrats have at least started talking about it.

I'll write more later.

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