Gwen Ifill: I think you are terrific!

An open letter to Ms Gwen Ifill:

I have watched your career on television for many years. I remember when you were at NBC, working for the late Tim Russert (whom I still miss terribly). I was delighted when you were announced to be the new moderator of "Washington Week in Review." You garnered such glowing praise from the regular panelists on the show, and we, the consuming public, were assured that you would be the "belle of the ball" when you moved to the Moderator's chair.

And that, you have been.

I almost never miss "Washington Week"--and your moderating skills are the main reason that I stay tuned in.

NOW, the extreme "right" (religious or not) have gotten their "nighties in a knot" because you are writing a book to be released in January 2009. Supposedly, the book is in favor of Senator Obama being elected just 33 days from now.

That is basically nonsense, in my opinion. I believe that you have EVERY quality to be a fair, just, and non-biased moderator of tonite's debate between Governor Palin and Senator Biden. Both of these distinguished Americans are seeking the seat of Vice President, when January 2009 rolls around.

Gwen, Please don't let me down. Please be as fair, non-biased, and thorough as possible. You will do GREAT...

The nation is counting on you, Ms Ifill.

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