Last night at dinner....

This really, and truly happened:

I was invited to a going-away dinner for some dear friends of mine who are moving to Moscow, Russia as SBC missionaries. I've known them ever since I've been in Chicago...they arrived about 1 month before I did--some eight years ago. There were about 17 of us at the table in this nice, but crowded Italian pizza place.

One of the gals, in charge of the event, looks over at me and says, "Phil, please pray over the food." I was glad to oblige. One of the guys at the other end of the table, (who is known for having a sharp wit, ) after I had finished praying, said, "Phil, I didn't hear you." Before I knew what I was saying, I blurted out, "I wasn't talking to you."

The whole table roared in laughter.

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