Is God on America's Side

My pastor, Dr Erwin W Lutzer has released a sobering new volume, Is God On America's Side? The Surprising Answer and Why It matters during this Election Season

Here is a short excerpt from pages 76-77
First, we must choose the right battle.
I've already stressed that our real conflict is neither cultural, moral, or political, but doctrinal and spiritual. We can argue that Christian morality is better; we can try to clean up our culture by legislation and boycotts. But our efforts will often by like trying to mop up the floor with the faucet running. We are trying to convince citizens of earth to live as though they are citizens of heaven. And they are not buying what we are selling.

The central message for us is always the lordship of Jesus Christ and the gift of salvation He came to bring us as sinners. The Cross must always stand alone, unopposed by competing loyalties. Its message must never be sacrificed on the altar of our own political or social agenda, or by which political party is in office. Of course political policy has an effect on our lives, but right laws are limited in their power; they cannot make people good, nor can they make godly families.

Our message must be more radical than any governmental policy could possibly be. It is a message that must penetrate the depths of the human heart.
(Chicago: Moody Publishers, 2008).
All I can say is "Amen, Pastor, Amen!"

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Tony Myles said...

So much of our theology is distracted by patriotism. Drives me crazy.