Three weeks from tomorrow...November 4th...

The citizenry of these "Nifty-Fifty" United States will go to the various voting places around our country, and cast their ONE vote (each) for the 44th President of the United States.

I really wish we had better choices....

I've always liked Senator John McCain, but he is just not showing that he has any ideas to communicate to those of us who really want to vote for him, and support his efforts to move over to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

I'm really just tired of this whole process. Why isn't Senator McCain telling us why he wants to be President? Why does he beat the same old tired drum, and not give his supporters anything to be excited about?

"CHANGE" for the sake of "change" is not a very good idea. What are we "changing" to? That's the question that Senator Obama still hasn't answered for us.

And Senator McCain needs to do something to energize those of us who really want to see him in the White House in a few months.

But alas, he hasn't.

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