Oh NO! Sarah say it "ain't so!"

An Open Letter to Governor Sarah Palin

Dear Governor,

First, let me confess: I think you are just HOT!

Second, there is something that terribly troubles me, though. In last week's debate with Senator Joe Biden, you made the very "folksy" statement of "Oh No, Joe, say it ain't so" concerning his rehashing the "past few years" of the Bush Administration, and it's plethora of failures and flaws. You wanted to talk about the "future."

Yet, on the evening news last night, you were in California, digging up the past of one Mr. Aires (from right here in Chicago), and his terroristic leanings/history from more than 40 years ago.

Which is it, Governor? Do you want to talk about the past, or do you want to talk about the future? Dragging out every association that Senator Obama has with anyone on the south side of Chicago is not "talking about the future." It's trying to drag up the past.

And it's also hypocritical.

So which will it be, Governor? The past or the future?

Make up your mind, stick to your story, and tell me about the future.

(Disclaimer: I have no plans to vote for the Obama/Biden ticket. But I also want some integrity in the McCain/Palin ticket. Mr. Aires, and his troubled past, are exactly that: the past. You can do better).

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maryn said...

I found your blog when I was looking for the words to G. Gaither's "I Then Shall Live." It would be wonderful if our next president had a copy to use as his prayer as he leads the nation. By the way, I only know of one candidate who I think would honestly put these words into his heart and give them voice! He's from your city, Phil. get those words to his headquarters! Nice job on the blog. Mary Smith Memphis TN