Thank You, President Obama...for being a Father...

Dear Mr President,

First, let me thank you for emphasizing how important "fathers" are in our society, and to humanity as a whole. I remember, well, your message last Father's Day at Apostolic Church of God here in Chicago. You emphasized the absolute ESSENTIAL nature and responsibilities of what it means to be a "father." You said that "anyone can help conceive, but it takes a MAN to help raise and train" that child that has been produced.

Thank you!

I grew up without the love and nurture of my biological father. As you well know, Mr. President, there is 'hole' created by that absence/negligience and it's not easily filled. I'm not sure that my "father hole" will ever be filled. HOWEVER, God Himself has been a "father" to this fatherless boy.

I know the identity of my biological father. I used to know the man pretty well, and over the last 17 years he has dropped out of my life. While that is sometimes disappointing, it is an absence that I learned to live with. I also learned that God will send people to love and care about the "fatherless" just when those people need that care the most. He certainly did, and continues to do so, for this "fatherless" boy.

Robert Lewis, in his groundbreaking/monumental ministry of Men's Fraternity, addressed the "Father Wound"...and much of that wound comes from the "absentee father." I have known that wound very well. And it has taken me most of my life to find "healing" for that wound in my heart.

But, something happened to me about 15 years ago, and I was able to "lay my father" to rest. No, he isn't dead yet. But I was able to "grow up" and "move on in life" without his guidance or interference. I was able to make peace in my own soul concerning the hand that both parents dealt me.

Thank you, President Obama, for emphasizing what it means to be a father. Thank for you for being a wonderful father to your two gorgeous little girls. You and Michelle are doing a terrific job. The Presidency will come to an end...but the love and affections of your family will not. Always remember that.

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