Thursday is almost here!

Less than 48 hours from now, I will be flying to Birmingham, Alabama. On Thursday morning, June 11, I will be admitted into the University of Alabama-Birmingham Renal Transplant Center for extensive evaluation as a potential Kidney Donor to my great friend, Dr Bill George.

I am very excited (and humbled) by the opportunities set before me. I have been thinking and praying, and contemplating, and musing. I simply want to be an obedient child of God--hearing and obeying what I discern to be His instructions to me in this matter.

Thus far, the blood types/samples have been great. The 12-Hour Urine specimen has been very good, and the blood pressure logs/records have been very, very sufficient.

My home church, The Moody Church ( has been bathing this situation in fervent prayer, and for this august group of God's saints, I'm eternally, and unendingly grateful.

Let's see what the Lord will have in this situation for myself and Dr Bill George. I covet your prayers.

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