An Update on me....Kidney Donor status....

Wayul, friends and neighbors

I made the trip down to Birmingham, Alabama on 10 June, and spent all day on 11 June at the University of Alabama-Birmingham Renal Transplant Center. This day, even though it was in a hospital, was fascinating.

Having been a BIOLOGY major in "another life" I have always loved the medical sciences. Even though I was the "specimen" this time, I found it fascinating.

From the original 16 tubes (YES, SIXTEEN) of blood that I gave as my "lab tests" to the CT Scan, and the Chest X-ray, and the Electrocardiogram (ECG), and finally the Nuclear Renal Scan, it was all an educational experience. (No, Joe, they didn't stick a nuclear warhead up my butt...LOL)

The tests all turned about just about perfect...except, I'm having to repeat a couple of tests...and it's more aggravating than anything else. What I was hoping would be an early July surgery date is now an uncertain date...but definitely before the end of August. There are just a few more "medical things" that need to be settled.

I'm confident they will turn out just fine....and I'll be cleared for surgery. The Proverbs teach us that the "steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD." I also believe the "stops" of a good man are ordered by HIM too.

Keep praying for me.


Joe Misek said...

There are so many jokes I have at my disposal right now, and just about all of them would be entirely inappropriate for your blog, so I'm not going to touch it. But I will keep on praying for you.

Bill (cycleguy) said...

You have been on my mind Phil. Hope all turns out well. Like your last thought about steps and stops. Word verification for your spam is stent. Funny