To me, Cynthia Clawson's signature song, was written by her husband, Ragan Courtney...after watching a dramatization of Lottie Moon's life. Moon was a Baptist missionary to China many, many years ago. This song, I Heard About a Man, brings tears to my eyes:

I heard about a Man, who came to live in time
He did happy things with water and new wine.
He helped the crippled up, and He made the blind to see.
And then you know what else He did? He gave Himself for me.

He was a simple man. He really had no home.
He’d go and stay where He was asked; the next morning He’d be gone.
He made the leper whole, and He set the prisoner free.
And then you know what else He did? He came to stay with me.

Because I know this one who is man, and yet divine,
Because I know what love can do in just a second’s time,
Because He made me truly whole, He’s the one who gave my soul a song to sing.

He was a humble man, yet always He was bold.
He’d stop and talk for just a spell and see clear to your soul.
He fed a hungry crowd, and He withered up a tree.
And then you know what else He did? He blossomed forth in me!

(© 1977 by Triune Music, Inc., Limited; CCLI 1638406)


SDH55 said...

I would definitely have to agree with you! This song is very special to our family. Our oldest son was born in 1985 with multiple handicaps - he could do nothing for himself. But, the Man most assuredly blossomed forth in Jordan. This beautiful work of art was sung 8 years later at his funeral.

Zandurian said...

Yes - an amazing song.