Nine Years Ago today...August 27, 2000

I moved from the safe environs of rural Cleveland, Tennessee, and moved to the windy city of Chicago, Illinois. I knew that God was in the move...even though there were many, many uncertainties that I would face.

These last nine years have been FULL of adventure. Finding jobs, changing jobs...finding a local church where I would be a parishioner, and even changing local churches at one in FOUR different places...having a roommate on two different occasions. Writing a manuscript that I haven't published (which now needs some major revisions), getting involved with several worthy and worthwhile organizations that assist this nation's military veterans. Meeting great people all over the city...and from all over the world.

Living through the tragedy of September 11, 2001--I was working in an Emergency Call Center that day--and fearing that Chicago would be next. Thanking God for protecting this city on that fateful, awful day. Asking God to be with this nation, and particularly with the people of New York City as they sought to "recover" from the horrible pain inflicted upon them...and the nation.

Eating all the great "Chicago" food: Pizzas, Italian Beef Sandwiches, buffets, etc.

And becoming part of The Moody Church family ( which is one of the very greatest joys in my entire life. Having listened to the "Moody Church Hour" for many years before moving here, I am still in awe and amazement every time I walk in the front door of my local church facilities. I feel so undeserving, and most definitely unworthy, of being part of such a historic, and wonderful place. This is God's plan in my life for this part of my life.

Yep, after nine years, I can say that I agree with these guys. Take a listen:

They've got it just right. Come find out for yourself.

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