Shame on you, Sarah Palin!

I was thrilled when Senator John McCain snatched you out of the anals of obscurity last year, and gave you a platform.

I even voted for you. I deeply and sincerely hoped the McCain-Palin ticket would be in Washington, DC in January 2009. Even after you were such a hypocrite concerning "Oh no, Joe say it ain't so." I still believed you had good leadership abilities from which this nation could benefit. How wrong I was!

But your actions as of late have been disgraceful! Your lies and innuendoes concerning the healthcare debate are "beyond the pale." You insinuations about the "death panel" were so far beneath the dignity of thinking Americans, that I am completely embarrassed for you.

The entire nation applauded your decision to keep your precious little boy, even though he was diagnosed with Downs' Syndrome. You practiced what you preached concerning the "value of life." You endeared yourself to many people--even those who had no intention of voting for you.

But since the election, you have shown yourself to be less than professional. You quit a job that the people of Alaska hired to you do. You have added NOT ONE THING constructive to the healthcare debate that is currently going on (long overdue, I might add) in this country. Your vitriol is down right embarrassing to those of us who voted for you.

Sarah, OH NO, say it ain't so! But sadly, it is.

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