What happened?

It seems like SO many in "my generation" (the crowd in their 40s now) have just 'done their own thing.' And I'm tremendously saddened and perplexed.

I was talking with a really close friend the other day about this. It seems that this crowd--raised in godly homes, good Pentecostal churches, and with good educations--has found no need for God or the family of God.

Especially the family of God.

A good friend of mine, whom I've not seen for more than 20 years...(but we've found each other on FaceBook recently)..raised in a pastor's home...great, godly people....has decided that the whole "organized religion" is not for him. He and his wife were raised in the church...and they know better. They suffered a couple of disappointments and just "left the whole thing."

Another friend of mine--from college days--has decided that GOD IS SILENT in his life...mainly because he has had some difficulties jobwise. At one point this man was a licensed minister...powerful, POWERFUL Pentecostal preacher...walked closely with Jesus...but has decided that since God won't "give him everything" he wants, that he will just leave God alone. He and his wife were raised in wonderful, godly homes, and in strong local churches. They have two teenagers....

Yet another friend, from youth camp days (back in the 1970s) has decided, in recent years---after a divorce for which he was mainly responsible---that he can "go it alone." In a recent conversation, he as much as told me, "I'm sick of the church folks...I'll stay at home, read my bible, and listen to the radio. I'm done with those people."


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Bill (cycleguy) said...

Phil: I am tempted to believe it is not just your generation but many generations that have been fed on milk and soft foods. Like your friend says, "I didn't get whatever i want" mentality. Mark Driscoll calls it Church Lite. I feel for your friends and the disappointment they feel but still have to cling to the Truth of God's Word...that He will never leave me or forsake me...even when I feel like He has. Thanks for asking a probing question.