It's much easier to:

Make hasty judgments about brothers and sisters in Christ than it is to get to know them well, and find out that your "judgments" were wrong.

Do your "work" from home: Shopping, Bill-paying, emailing, etc than it is to actually have to "deal" with real human beings who have real faces, real emotions, and real personalities. After all, isn't it "all about you" anyway?

Preach a powerful message on the love-relationships that Christ calls us to in His Kingdom, but far more difficult to "live out" those same relationships--particularly with folk who don't always "march to our drumbeat."

Be a "collection of individuals" than it is to be a "community of faith." Being a "community of faith" means that we actually have to create commonalities, and be committed to one another--And not just on Sundays either.

Interact with someone in the "worldwideweb" than it is to actually "face" that person, and encounter the emotions/will/physical form and real presence of another human being. After all, we can just "click" or "delete" or "forward" whatever we don't like, right?

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J. Stephen Conn said...

Nice thoughts, Phil. You've got me thinking I need to get out more. But since I've retired from pastoring I've fallen into the "easy" practice of making friends I can just delete at will. GRIN!