Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel Alito

Justice Alito has been confirmed and sworn in as the nation's 110th Associate Justice on the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

The 58-42 vote is one of the closest in judicial confirmation history. The rancorous debate is now over, thank the Lord.

He is replacing the now-retired Associate Justice Sandra Day O'Connor--the magnanimous, dignified, and marvelous lady whose legacy as the first lady to serve on the nation's highest court is now firmly minted.

She was often considered the "swing vote." I remember very well when the late President Ronald Reagan nominated her to be the first woman on the Supreme Court. She has served with clarity, dignity, and infintissimal sense of personal responsibility and class.

Now, let's pray that Justice Alito will follow in those same gracious, responsible, and dignified footsteps.

Let's pray that God would grant him the wisdom of Solomon, the patience of Job, and the clarity of Jesus in all that he is called to do.

He will need it, for sure.

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