When It's all said and done....

I made a big mistakes several days ago.

Someone whom I consider a friend (and Christian brother) read a post from mid-November, and he didn't like what I had written about a very ugly and unkind encounter at Chicago Tabernacle, where I was part of the congregation for more than three years.

This person is now on the pastoral staff of that congregation.

I saw him, by accident on Christmas Day, at a mutual friend's home. The first thing he said to me was that he was "upset" about my blog, and that I should delete the post about my ill-treatment from the Senior Pastor. I told him that I would delete the post.

I never should have made such a commitment.

I deleted that post, even though every word of it was true.

That person, hasn't made any movement towards contacting me since that day, even though he said that he wanted me back in the congregation, and that this "situation" could be resolved.

I was hurt, accused, and mislead---with no truth being represented anywhere on the part of the ones who mislead, accused or injured me.

So what am I to do?


Anonymous said...

You've done your part. You deleted the post. Now promise me you'll re-post the circumstances of your encounter!

Phil Hoover said...

that was a LONG time ago.