Is it me or what?

I guess I am just a "child" of my times...and environment.

I have been asked to "head up" the company picnic again this year where I work. When the President of the School/company owner asks for this to be done, I have a difficult time saying "no"--even though I have already informed him the Christmas party this year is someone elses' opportunity to "shine."

I've sent out an RSVP request through this miracle we call "email" to all the employees. Most of them have responded, and are willing to bring whatever I ask for them to bring.

There have been those few...however....I want to ask them: "WHAT are you thinking?"

These are the two or three or four people who will make a Himalayan mountain out of a microscopic molehill...

Every time. Every time....without fail.

Since "simplicity" is one of those virtues that no one should "leave home without" I'm doing my best to keep this picnic/bbq very simple. This small handful of people want to complicate it, if at all possible.

Well, this time.....just like last time....they will not prevail! I will make sure of that.

Which brings me to the next thought on my mind:

Since when do we tell our "hosts" (when we are the guests) that we do not like whatever they are serving for the meal to which we have been invited?

Maybe I'm the "odd man out"...but I was raised to "eat what is put before you..." and to be gracious about it. What happened?

Am I still living in a "time-warp" and haven't quite caught up with the thinking that we can be bossy, choosy, and just all around "hard to please"?

Did I miss the "memo" or something?

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Gretchen Lavender said...

Hi Phil,
We've had the same experience before - gripes about the food, the location, and the month of the company picnic. The company's solution was to ask for one representative per department to join the "events committee" and things like that are voted on. That way no one can complain to you about the details. Also the events committee works at the picnic. Just an idea. Good luck. I don't envy your job:-)