The Suburban Christian

I was listening to this author, Albert Y. Hsu last night on OPEN LINE, a call-in talk show of the Moody Broadcasting Network. I listened on the flagship station, WMBI here in Chicago.

It was, to say the least, a fascinating interview.

I live in the city. I am delighted to live in the city. I have always wanted to live in the city. And I realize that "life in the burbs" is very different from life in the city.

Mr Hsu has a great blog, and I would encourage you to go check it out.

I plan to buy the book as well.

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Craver VII said...

1) you seem to like the ideas from Al Hsu's The Suburban Christian,
2) you like Chicago, and
2) you listen to Moody Radio.
So I figure this guy's alright.

I reluctantly moved from Chicago four years ago. Bolingbrook is wonderful, but I would NOT have moved, unless the Lord closed all the Chicago doors and opened wide a way to move here.

I am reading Al's book and I think you will enjoy it. He packs it with a lot of interesting information of why things are the way they are, what we might do about it, and the overall tone is consistently positive and edifying.

And now for the gratuitous name-dropping portion of our program:
Yesterday, I happened to take a call at my job for Charles Morris (WMBI FM). He is always such a gentleman.