We just have to know that HE IS GOD...

I can't remember a time when people have had some many forms of communication, but have been so utterly disconnected from one another. Sometimes that "disconnection" seems to spill over into our spiritual lives, and those wonderful spiritual relationships that we should be possessing.

I can remember those times when we did not have:

Fax machines (which seem terribly antiquated by today's technology)

The Internet (and it wasn't that long ago)

PDAs (which I still don't have one)

Blackberries (Well, my Granny used to make blackberry cobblers, but it's not the same)

Cell Phones (Oh my word, how did we ever live without the hallowed little thing that rings at the most inopportune time?)

But we managed. We actually talked to one another, instead of talking AT one another. We actually cared that people had sensitivities and feelings, emotions, and emotional concerns. We seemed to actually care about being in fellowship and relationship with those around us. Their joys were our joys. Their concerns were our concerns.

What happened?

Did I just "grow up" and discover that "life" never was like that at all?

Is it me?

Or am I on to something here...namely that we are a "dysfunctional, disconnected" group of people in a society that is spinning far faster than most of bargained for--at any price?

So what say ye?


Gretchen Lavender said...

Yes, I agree. I think that we are all moving too fast to pay attention.

Kevin Bussey said...

Sometimes I wish I had none of them!