Thirteen Years ago today....

I was scheduled for colon cancer surgery. I was stationed in West Texas, serving Active Duty in the United States Air Force.

About 3 weeks earlier, I was experiencing some pretty severe problems with my lower colon. After multiple visits to the physician, it was decided that I would need a battery of tests on my intestinal tract.

These tests revealed that I had a large lump on my lower colon. Further tests showed the lump to be cancerous.

On Sunday, September 12, 1993 I was part of the worshipping congregation at Trinity Church of Lubbock. Senior Pastor Randal Ross--who is now senior pastor of Calvary Church, Naperville IL--asked those who needed prayer for healing to come forward.

This was a large congregation--about 4 thousand that morning, as I recall.

I went forward, and several brethren anointed me with oil, and prayed for my healing.

That Sunday evening, I called a good friend in Cleveland TN (who shall remain nameless, because I wouldn't want to embarrass her) and asked her to pray for me.

She asked, "Are you afraid?"

Up until that moment, I had not been afraid. But as soon as she asked the question, I was horrified!

She prayed for me, and I felt better.

For a few minutes, anyway.

I fell on my face before the Lord that night, and cried like a baby. I so felt the power of God's Spirit near me. About 4:30 in the morning I finally fell asleep.

I had to be at the Base Hospital at 6:30 a.m.

I"m such a sucker for anesthesia, that just the sight of it "puts me out." LOL

About 9:30 a.m, the nurse who was handling my situation woke me up, and said, "You are not going to believe this, but the surgeon couldn't find anything. Not a thing!"

Of course we had the medical records showing all the findings up to this point. We knew the cancer was there...

And now, we knew that it wasn't!

What a Healing Jesus!

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