Network Television gets it RIGHT--for a change!

The new network CW (the old UPN and WB now combined) has made one of the best decisions that "network television" executives have ever made:

They are bring the CAMDENS back....7th Heaven returns next Monday night, September 25th!

Check it out here:

I have been a huge fan of 7th Heaven for almost six years now, and find every episode fascinating. I am particularly happy that the "WB" showed a minister's family as they really can be...and often are....dysfunctional, like the rest of us.

Eric and Annie, Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, Ruthie, Sam and David.....all nine of them. Except now we can see Matt and his wife and their children. Lucy and Kevin, and their two children, and anyone else...

And every one else.

I can remember lots of important things being discussed: child abuse, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, unwed mothers, orphans, the Iraq war, and lots of other "moral issues" that we must pay attention to..or else.

Each issue was discussed with class, grace, and without alot of undue emotionalism. I thank this cast and this show for that.

I'll be glued to my television set next Monday night.

I hope you are too.


highboy said...

That is awesome news. I will definitely be glued. Same cast?

Louis Morgan said...

Hey Phil,
I love 7th Heaven, so this is great.

Thanks for the comments on my blog-- something to think about. I'm new to the blogging world. Between my hectic work and school schedule, I hope to post as often as I find the time.

It sounds like you are doing well, enjoying life, and staying "on mission" yourself. Good to hear from you. Take care!