Attorney General Gonzales: Resign, please!

Mr Attorney General,

You have done some great things in your professional life. You educated yourself, became a very successful attorney in Texas, and was even on the Texas State Supreme Court. You were asked to come to Washington DC with all the other Bush clan in 2001. You worked in the White House, and you were nominated to be the Attorney General of the United States.

In the last few months, you have lost complete control of the Department of Justice, which you were confirmed to run. You have no idea what your staff has been doing. You allowed eight good United States Attorneys to be fired--and really for no apparent reason--other than politics.

You have been "asleep at the wheel."

It's time for you to go.

You made a fool of yourself in Chicago yesterday, by walking out of a press conference that was supposed to last for 15 minutes. You cut it short at 3 minutes...

That's neither adult nor professional.

If George W Bush doesn't have the fortitude to ask for your resignation, you should offer it...and do it today. Don't take "no" for an answer.

Go back to Texas, set up a law practice, and make the big bucks.

You have continually proven you are in over your head at the Department of Justice.

Do the honorable thing now: Resign!

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Travis Johnson said...

I told you so. ;)