Cleaning up the "Rumsfeld" mess...

When then President-elect George W Bush nominated Donald Rumsfeld to be the Secretary of Defense in December 2000 (after a very contentious election), I was just horrified....

Even though I was a child when Rumsfeld served in the Nixon-Ford administrations, I can still remember the debaucle that we call the "Vietnam War."

Why on earth would then President-elect Bush nominate someone who had been a "failure" in a previous administration in the Department of Defense? Were there no other choices?

Of course there were.

And six years after Donald Rumsfeld bumbled and fumbled every action he took as the Pentagon Chief, he finally had the fortitude to insist on his own resignation. By his own accounting, he had offered the President his resignation at least three times before, and George W Bush refused to accept it.

Thus, Bush-Cheney didn't get my vote in 2004.

The current Pentagon chief, Secretary Robert Gates, is now in the process of cleaning up the debris at the Department of Defense.

And thanks to the Washington Post, Secretary Gates is starting with the Department of the Army, and more specifically with Walter Reed Medical Center. Two generals and the Secretary of the Army have already been "relieved" of their duties.

Bob Gates means business.

He has my eternal gratitude.

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