He's 59--Happy Birthday, Jim Moses!

My wonderful friend, Jim Moses (Kevin, Regina, and Cynthia's dad) is FIFTY-NINE years old today!

Jim is one of the smartest and most gracious people I know. He's an engineer in the Lexington, Kentucky area. He and his wife, Luvadia, are "family" to me. Their son, Kevin (whose birthday we celebrated last month) is probably my very best friend.

Jim grew up in the church, since his parents were in full-time ministry. Jim is still faithful to God's work and will in his life. He is a marvelous example of what it means to love God, love family, love people, and still strive for "excellence."

I think his humor is great--most of the time....

His children don't always agree with me. Actually, most of the time they think I'm just as "wacked out" as their father...at least I'm in good company.

Happy Birthday, Jim!

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