1Lt Nass, off to Iraq...

Sunday afternoon, even while I was rejoicing in the greatness of God allowing me to be among those people whom I have loved for years (and who have loved me for years), it was also a tremendously sad one for me.

My precious friend and brother, 1Lt Christian Nass called to say "goodbye" before he deployed to the Middle East today. I handled the conversation pretty well until I started praying for him. Then, I lost it.

Really, really lost it!

I can't remember praying with such passion, and such pain in my heart--for someone who was going to war. I started praying, and I wound up praying some of the Psalms and crying...and crying...almost to the point of not being able to stop.

I am grateful to God for the privilege of prayer. I'm thankful for the blessing of tears, and emotions that we can lay bare before the Lord Jesus.

Pray for my buddy, Christian Nass. He is scheduled to be gone for some 15 months. His precious wife Sarah covets your prayers as well. She will be returning to Moody Bible Institute in the Spring to continue her studies.

I miss Christian already.

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