Living in the land of Giants: Kevin Moses

Just as I promised in a previous post, I am starting a series of posts on people whom I consider "spiritual giants" in my life.

I first encountered Kevin almost eleven years ago--in a historical theology class at the Church of God Theological Seminary ( in Cleveland TN. He was in his first semester of graduate studies, and I had just started my second semester.

Shortly thereafter, Kevin and I became pals. I think it all "really" started when he came by my apartment (I was living in seminary housing at the time), and needed some help with some of the study material the professor had assigned up for an upcoming examination.

There are so many stories I can tell about Kevin. All of them good...and many of them very humorous. We lived together almost three years, and I got to know him pretty well.

But what I want to share here is why I consider him a "spiritual giant" in my life:

Kevin is a man of prayer. There were many nights that he would spend a great deal of time in prayer and consecration to the Lord. I could tell that he had "been with Jesus."

Kevin is a man of the Word. Many times when I just wouldn't open my Bible, I would find Kevin buried in his. He would read and meditate on long passages, and let God's Word soak deep into his head and his heart. I only wish I had done the same.

Kevin is a man of integrity. He truly exemplifies what it means to be a man of ethics, honor, and stature. If he makes a promise, he keeps it. If he says something is true, you can always take it to the bank, and deposit it.

I watched Kevin work a full time job at the Bradley Memorial Hospital, work as a Teaching Assistant in graduate school, help lead a youth group, teach a Sunday School class, and still stay happy and positive. (I would never recommend all of those things at once--and looking back, neither would he).

I remember when I suffered from such severe depression that I couldn't even cry--and yet this precious, precious man would sit there, pray for me, and many times cry with me.

He's a spiritual giant in my eyes. And a good one at that!

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