Old Friends...

WOW! Yesterday was such a "refresher" for me...and a real "refreshing" as well.

I landed in Nashville, TN on Wednesday evening, and took the ground shuttle over to Chattanooga...my friend, Dr Jimmy Harper, Campus Pastor at Lee University picked me up.

He, his wife Sharon, and wonderful children (Jamie and Jessica) have been so kind and gracious to me. They have attended my every need (and want.)

I was blest to see a long list of wonderful friends yesterday. Some of the people I have regular contact with, and many I don't. But here's just a few:

Dr R Hollis Gause (my "father" in so many ways).
Dr Bob Crick
Tim Burdashaw
Dr Donald Bowdle
Dr Jim Burns
Dr. William Lamb
Dr Cheryl Johns
Dr Jackie Johns
Dr Steve Land
Dr Kim Alexander
Dr Andrea Dismukes
Dr Brian Alderman (well, he's almost finished with his Dissertation) and his wonderful wife Monica--who had me as a dinner guest last night--it was delicious!
Chaplain (now retired) Ben Perez

And so many more. The problem with listing names is that you are predestined to forget someone...and I'm sure that I have.

It's been great so far...getting to see many people whom I have loved for years...and more importantly who have loved me for years.

I'll write more...later.

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