Another "giant" of a man: Kevin Brooks

I first became acquainted with State Representative Kevin Brooks, when he was just a student working in the Office of the President at Lee University about 15 years ago. I was stationed in Norway at the time, and had sent some correspondence to Dr Paul Conn, the President of Lee University ( I called to make sure that it had been received. Kevin Brooks was the one to answer the telephone, assuring me that Dr Conn had indeed received the correspondence.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that this "Kevin" and I would become the friends that we are today. He is a real treasure in my life.

Our paths would again cross as he assumed the position of Director, Alumni Relations at Lee University, and I would be a student at the Church of God Theological Seminary ( adjacent to the Lee Campus. He and I hit it off immediately. He was always the kind, gracious, and wonderfully warm man that so represented the University extremely well.

And he represented the Kingdom of God very well also. He still does!

In the wisdom and plan of God, Kevin would accept a position at the International Offices of the Church of God ( in the Communicactions Department, working alongside a friend of mine, Scot Carter--who was a freshman at Lee when I was a Senior....a definitely small world.

But on a personal level, there are so many things I could write about Kevin Brooks:

1) He and I became very close when I was a seminary student, and even closer when I became an employee at Lee University in the Department of External Studies. When I left the University to make the move to Chicago, this precious man gave me a wonderful "Lee Alumni" sweatshirt--and I still wear it faithfully.

2) In the last 7+ years, I've been able to call Kevin just to say "hi" or to share something that has happened in my life. During a very dark and tumultuous time, I was able to call him and ask him to "pray" for me...and I know that he did. The Lord answered those prayers.

3) Kevin Brooks is the same gracious and godly man--regardless of where he is, or whose company in which he may find himself. Power, position, and possession has never gone to his head. I have every reason to believe that it never will.

4) When my wonderful friend Beaulah Gause went to glory almost five years ago, this precious Kevin attended the funeral in Cleveland on my behalf. Sister Gause' husband, Dr R Hollis Gause is like a father to me....and he was so glad to see Kevin, and to know of my concern and love. Now that is a "true friend."

5) Now he is serving the Lord and the good people of Tennessee in the State Legislature. I could not be more delighted for him....because I know that his PRIORITY is to serve God and to serve people.

I had the wonderful, wonderful privilege of spending a couple of hours with Kevin just a few weeks ago...and it was one of the highlights of my trip to Tennessee.

Kevin Brooks: A giant of a man....

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