A Cause for GREAT ALARM...

Many thanks to my friend, Pastor Jim Martin (out in the "Midwest") for this wonderful satire:

I see on the news that wind generators are popping up all over the United States. This causes me grave concern. I'm afraid that if every state in the union starts building wind generators, then all of our wind will be used up and we'll be forced to become dependent upon foreign wind. Do you realize that right now we have no wind reserve set up. This is a resource and must be managed correctly. If not, one day we'll go outside and want to fly a kite and be unable to because there will be no wind left for the common man. It will be all controlled by foreign own wind magnates with no concern for the well-being of the American people. All they will be interested in is making a profit and having enough wind for themselves. I think we also need to look at developing alternative sources of wind lest one day all the wind be used up and the people be left without power.

I have confidently assured him that as "long as there are Preachers and other public speakers, we will not have a shortage of either wind or hot air."

What say ye?

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