"Stimulation Addiction"...We are Paying the Price...

I recently had a conversation with a very close "family" member, and they were telling me how "tired" they always seem to be--exhaustion is their current state of life. I did my best to must as much sympathy as I possibly could, but for some reason I wanted to say, "It's all your own fault."

This friend/family member has two almost-teenaged children, a boy and a girl. These two "almost teenagers" are constantly on the go: doing something every waking hour of the day. They are in school during the normal hours, then participate in every extra-curricular activity imaginable when they are not "in school." And they are not even teenagers yet!

This family doesn't have a clue what it means to be "still, and unoccupied"--not even for a few hours. I feel sorry for them.

Here's why:

Our entire culture seems to be addicted to activity and stimulation of one type or another.

All the time.

We make sure that something is stimulating our minds, nerves, or bodies at all times. We have long lost the concept of being "still" and just "being." It's the television, or the computer, or the radio, or the baseball/basketball/football/rugby/soccer et al and we never know when to say "it's enough. Now we are just going to enjoy each other, and the peace and quiet of life."

If it's not a cup of coffee (which these days more resembles a "chemistry experiment"), then it's something else that has to get us "jump started." That's a very sad commentary on what "contemporary culture" has become.

No wonder the Scriptures admonish us to "be still and know"....we seem to have so much 'going on' around us...but "know" so very little. We are constantly "on the go" and miss so much that God has to tell us, show us, and do within us.

I remember telling a friend (some years ago) that God often speaks clearly to me when I am in the shower in the mornings...and as funny as that may sound, it was true at the time. It seems that was the only time the Lord could have my complete attention....and it's not a very flattering commentary on my ability/desire/opportunities to "listen."

So, what do you think? Are you 'stimulation-addicted'? How do you know? What do you propose to do about it?

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