Pope Benedict XVI and 45,000 people in Washington, DC

Let me say, first of all, that we Americans are delighted that the Bishop of Rome has come to visit the United States. His bright red shoes (8.5 shoe size, USA standards), his incredible intellect, and his good heart will definitely bring "something" to us during his very brief stay here on this side of the Big Pond.

But what about those forty-five thousand people who gathered into the baseball stadium in the District of Columbia to see "the Vicar of Christ"? I'm wondering if any of these people who were so "pleased and delighted and blest" to see the Pontiff will truly seek after the Christ whom He supposedly represents.

Now don't get me wrong here. I have MANY, MANY friends who are Roman Catholic. A few years ago, I had even given it a brief (yet very serious) consideration myself. Yet, somewhere in the depth of my "heart of hearts" I knew the corruption and contradictions the "Church of Rome" has made of the Holy Scriptures.

I always admired Pope John Paul II (Karol Wotilya), and was tremendously saddened when he died a few years ago. I felt then (and I feel now) that JP2 was a tremendous world leader, a great man of integrity, and someone who truly possessed a personal relationship with the Christ he proclaimed.

For the next few days, His Holiness Benedict XVI will have the world's attention while he is here in the United States--and that is as it should be. But what about all those "adoring faithful" once he leaves and returns to the "Eternal City"?

What about my Catholic friends who think nothing of regular drunkenness, sexual immorality, lack of personal integrity, and the "emptiness" of their rituals (once they get around to performing them)?

What about those "Catholics" who claim to see "The Blessed Virgin Mary" every time there is an unusual "natural phenomenon" (strong water stains, abnormal salt deposits)? While the Pope represents some 70 million Catholics in the USA, I wonder how many of them are really concerned about the Son of God that he preaches? Many will believe every report of the "miraculous" but won't come near the "truth of the Gospel" to save their lives and the life of those they love the most.

Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life..No man comes to the Father except by Me."
I hope that 45,000 people remember that tonite, when the revelry and excitement of the "German Shepherd" has been muffled.

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Joe Misek said...

Hey Phil, I was raised in the Catholic church, so I've seen it from that perspective. I'm in complete agreement with you on all the points you raised... but just get your inbox ready for a few emails!