Confessions....Here goes...

I do believe that good, honest confession is necessary in the life of every believer.

First, it helps us to actually face our life and give it an evaluation that we otherwise would prefer to avoid.

Second, we allow ourselves to dig "deep" and find all of those "things" that we have so masterfully hidden from everyone, except God.

Finally, confession reminds us that we are still mortals, living in a fallen world.


1) I have battled with very deep-rooted insecurities for most of my life. I'm always wondering if I am "good enough..."

2) I've learned how to have a healthy "love" for my person--without being arrogant or cocky. Of course, in doing so, you never ever believe the "press reports."

3) I'm pretty sure that I will never get married. I'm 46 years old now, and don't see "wedded bliss" in my future. And quite honestly, that doesn't BOTHER me as much as it bothers some of the people who "love me."

4) I've pretty much decided that the "Richter Scale of public opinion" is not the way to live life. I'm a "pleaser" for the most part--but there are some folk who will never be pleased. I've stopped trying to pacify them.

5) My brothers and sisters in the Lord are my "real family." I place a high value on the local church, and on the kingdom of God. These people are the only "real family" that I've known.

6) My biological relatives are the most dysfunctional people in the whole world....or at least, they once were.

7) I enjoy being alone (sometimes), and am rarely "lonely." I know the difference between the two concepts.

8) I hate housework...and I can't afford a maid.

9) I'm pretty easy to please, most of the time. I realized long ago that the universe doesn't revolve around me....or you either.

10) The most precious times in my adult life have been when I knew God was doing something very special for someone, and allowed me to be part of what He was doing. He gets all the credit.

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Kevin Bussey said...

good stuff Phil