Frank Howard: On to Glory!

Deacon Frank Howard--a man whom I've known, loved, and admired for more than 25 years, escaped the prison bars of his body this morning, and took his One-Way Flight to Heaven!

Brother Howard was a true original. He was one of the kindest, and most gracious men to ever live in Cleveland, TN. His wife, Elva Howard, was the Director of Women's Ministries for the Church of God of Prophecy for more than thirty years, and a powerful, powerful preacher/minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Yet, the "stability" and "rock" in their home was her husband, and she gladly acknowledges his wonderful, wonderful leadership.

I am always at such a loss when one of these precious saints of God leaves this earth. These are people who are my heroes. They have been my heroes for the greater majority of my life. These are the true spiritual GIANTS--men and women who stand so tall in life....yet have lived and served with humility that is beyond description, and beyond imagination for so many of us. In a world where we have the "gimme, gimme, take, take" syndrome/disease sweeping the land, Frank Howard was completely immune to such selfish nonsense. He was a deacon in the Peerless Road Church for many, many years. He was as faithful to his local church as the sun is to come up in the morning, and the nightfall to fulfill it's assignment.

Frank Howard was a real pray-er. He prayed like a prophet, a warrior, and a child. This gentle saint of God knew how to "bombard" Heaven with his prayers, and how to believe God for the answers to all he petitioned. He knew how to praise his Lord. He knew how to live in the humility and kindness that seems all but forgotten in contemporary society.

His wonderful wife Elva, his precious children Kathy Creasy and Randy Howard, are his great legacy to this world who desperately needs "heroes worthy emulating."

Frank Howard was such a hero.

"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints." And this one was precious to God.

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Tom Bryant said...

Every pastor needs deacons like Brother Howard. There's a phrase in Hebrews that describes those who served the Lord, "Of whom the world is not worthy..." I have some Deacons and godly men like him. Thankls for reminding me of them.