What were THEY thinking?

As much as I admire President Obama's personal accomplishments, and his tremendous intelligence with an ability to grasp/dissect very difficult issues...I have to wonder what the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE Commitee was thinking when our President was given the PRIZE..?

He's been in office less than one year...he has world-wide name recognition and popularity (but after the last Administration, just about anyone other than Bush-Cheney would have been seriously considered for the award), but he has done NOTHING, in my opinion, worthy of the $1.5 million dollar Nobel Peace Prize.

This reminds me of the award going to Mikail Gorbachev in 1990....and the man had basically done nothing to deserve the award.

I think the Scandinavians are great people. I loved living in Oslo for two years....and these people were always very kind and gracious to this American. They were terrific friends to me.

But, this award has now been cheapened...and has lost much of its significance. While I'm sure the President is flattered, and in his own words "humbled" by this honor...it is tremendously PREMATURE, in my humble opinion.

I'm about to become a KIDNEY DONOR....maybe I should make sure the Nobel Committee is aware of this next February.

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