My Hero: Virginia Horton

Very few people in life bring the class, dignity, and grace that Virginia Horton brings to those who are blest enough to know her. She is in a class all by herself!

I first met this wonderful lady when I was a transfer student into Lee College (now University) back in 1983. I happened to wander over to the "Old Music Building" (yes, that place really, really did exist), and heard her lovely voice during a rehearsal. I couldn't wait to meet her--even though I was NEVER a music major. She has been one of my very favorite people ever since.

When I was active duty in the United States Air Force, one of the great joys of my life was getting to stay in touch with Virginia and her wonderful husband David. Talking with them--even though I was sometimes on the other side of the world---always lifted my soul, and encouraged my heart. When my Grandmother Hoover passed on to heaven back in 1992, I can remember Virginia sending me the nicest and most beautiful card. It brought such joy to my heart, and I probably still have it those unpacked boxes of mine!

A few years ago, Virginia was accompanying her wonderful husband, Dr David Horton and the Lee University Campus Choir on a summer tour of the Bahama Islands. Dr David, very suddenly and unexpectedly, went to be with the Lord. This precious woman has shown the grace and peace of God through all of the times since then. She still teaches full time at Lee University...

She still inspires people to give their "all to the Lord." In so many ways, Virginia Horton is my hero!

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