Mr President, Be careful.

Mr President,

The "Human Rights Campaign" is not interested in "human rights." They are more interested and concerned with "special rights." Please stop legitimizing their "pet projects."

I agree with you, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is a flawed policy. But until the Joint Chiefs feel that it should be discarded, leave it alone! Get Secretary Gates' opinion and feelings on the policy, and act accordingly. Remember, the men and women in military uniform are depending on your good judgment. Don't let them down. You can afford to let the "special interest groups" (of every political hue) be disappointed. None of those groups are defending this nation...the military men and women are....don't let them down.

Senator Feinstein was exactly right. Give General McChrystal what he wants, and do it expeditiously. You were the one who appointed him to the war in of your campaign themes was that we must "win in Afghanistan", let's make sure we do. Others may disagree with the good general...but he has given you his best take it. Don't RUMSFELD Afghanistan (to quote Senator Graham from South Carolina).

Keep being a great father to your two beautiful daughters, and a good, faithful husband to your lovely wife, Michelle.

I deeply applaud your efforts in the healthcare reform battle in this country. We must do something. Thank you for stepping up to the plate. Don't be dismayed, discouraged or dissuaded.

May God be with you.

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