From my heart: "What would you do?"

So TODAY is the day I've waited for almost six months now....I'll fly to Birmingham, Alabama this evening...spend the night with my friends (from college days) Dr Tim Stone and his wife Tammy (and their adorable children). Tomorrow morning, I will get up, shower/shave/dress myself, and go over to the University of Alabama-Birmingham Hospital/North Pavilion. I will then check in as a patient (just confirmed that I already have a 'bed reservation').

On Wednesday morning, October 28, at approximately 7 a.m., I will be transported into the Surgery ward of UAB hospital, where I will willingly give my left kidney for transplant into one of the finest men I know.

The Lord's hand is in this...I'm not afraid of the pain, the recovery, any possible side effects, or the complications which (in all likelihood will not, but) could occur.

I am very, very, VERY excited about this "assignment from the Lord." I'm thankful that God spoke to me more than six months ago, on a Tuesday night when I was "surfing" FaceBook.

If you were aware that someone you knew needed an "organ" donation--and you could do it...would you?

Why? Why not?


Annalie Maynard said...

So good to hear from you via my blog. I am so proud that you have become successful, and to hear you are enjoying Chicago life. WOW!! what a selfless thing to do--donating your kidney. You are right in saying it is a God thing. I would like to think I would do this myself, but I KNOW I would have to hear it from God first!! I will be praying for your complete and speedy recovery with no "bumps" in the road.
Blessings, Annalie

Sally Ang said...

chanced upon your blog and realised that you are such a kind person willingly to give your kidney ....God will bless your actions as you follow His ways, God bless.Do visit my blog if can, i am from Singapore.