If you think that ANYONE in "middle America" (those of us who actually work at least 40 hours a week) cares about whether you are get angry over "no bonuses" this year, you are SO VERY WRONG!

Some fool was quoted on MSNBC as saying that you either "pay the good people or they will leave"---that's what salaries are for, isn't it?

Each and every one of you should be ASHAMED and hide your faces if you take these outrageous "perks"--and particularly so, if you have the NERVE to believe that you "deserve these bonuses."

Yes, these are egregious bonuses, and the TAXPAYERS of AMERICA (which I am one) saved your sorry butts from absolute financial ruin.

So the head of HR at AIG, and all of these other people who do not believe you are "getting enough compensation" I have some advice for you:

GET OUT IN THE JOB MARKET, and find out that NO ONE, and let me repeat that, NO ONE will want to hire your overpaid, self-indulged ego...and particularly not for the outrageous amounts you are DELUDED into believing that you deserve.

Welcome to the real world. Find out how the rest of us live.


Bill (cycleguy) said...

Couldn't have said it any better Phil Bravo for a well-done post. Too bad they won't read it or care if they did.

Joe Misek said...

Yeah! That's an old school Hoover whuppin'!! Let's keep going... now about those illegal immigrants...